Vendor Certification

If you're a Walmart supplier of any stuffed bedding and/or furniture articles that require a law label, your company is required to participate in our Walmart partnered Vendor Certification program. Your participation in the program requires you to provide Global Registration Services, Inc. with state license copies for the products sold in that retailer's stores.  In addition to verifying those licenses our service will also inform you which state licenses are actually needed for the specific products you supply to that retailer. The verification of your license status in our system is accessible to the network of Walmart testing labs as a requirement in Walmart's yearly product testing protocol. URNs that don't show a 'Certified' status will fail this portion of testing.

In order to enroll you must have the custom Walmart retailer code when you sign up to identify your company as a Walmart supplier. For more information or for questions, please contact us at