Are the current law labels on your products compliant with state laws?


Maybe you sifted throught the tagging laws some time ago and devised your own law label.

Have you updated them lately?


Maybe you got tips from looking at another company's law labels.

Did they know how to create a compliant law label?


Maybe you allowed the manufacturer of the products to provide the law labels with the finished products.

Do they keep up with the tagging laws?


We have heard this many times before: "I've been doing it this way forever and nobody has ever told me it was wrong yet." Truth is, if your labels aren't compliant, you'll never know until an inspector catches them.


Having your law labels Audited by GRS can save a lot of potentianl time, trouble and money down the road; and if we discover your law labels are in perfect order, at least you now have that peace of mind.


To have an Audit done please send your law label file(s) to Ensure the image is legible and include the size of the label in inches. A GRS Specialist will contact you to initiate the order and collect your payment information. The cost is $135.00 per label. Credit cards accepted.