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$197.00 U.S.
$97.00 U.S. Toy
per year
$947.00 U.S.
$367.00 U.S. Toy
$367.00 IMPORTER
per year
$897.00 U.S.
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$337.00 IMPORTER
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GRS uploads licenses
This gets everything started safely and securely.
Automatic system reminders of upcoming license expirations
So annual license renewal dates aren’t missed and licenses can be renewed on time

Trust us – we won’t forget!

Trust us – we won’t forget!
GRS is your ‘in-house’ liaison with state officials
Our relationships span decades with state offices and their officials. We know the ins & outs of each state.
General consulting services
Get answers to pressing questions from registration experts.
License info available 24/7/365 via internet; download/print
Access to files whenever needed them from anywhere in the world, quickly and securely.
GRS Certificate of Compliance
GRS provides independent 3rd party verification that your licenses are valid and current.

$25 each

$10 each

No Charge

State renewal notices are sent directly to GRS for processing
No need to worry about renewals in the mail or forwarding to GRS for processing.
GRS will submit renewal paperwork & payments to states on a timely basis
Saves time and $$ and ensures paperwork is submitted on time and correctly.
GRS will contact states regarding changes, corrections or issues
Leave the expertise in the constantly changing registration and law label rules & requirements to us.
Law Label Artwork
GRS creates a nationwide IABFLO compliant print-suitable artwork file based specifically for the products they’ll be attach to.
$125 each law label
1 Free per Year
3 Free per Year
Law Label Audits by our Law Label Experts
Ensures your existing law labels meet all requirements for their products and the states they’re sold in.
$100 each law label
1 free per year
3 free per year
GRS will request license copies if originals are lost
It happens. GRS will follow up with the state to get another copy..

GRS is responsible for license violations
GRS will work with the state to rectify any violations pertaining to your license and cover any extra fees.**
GRS pays state renewal late fees
GRS will cover these if late.
GRS pays fines or penalties for non-compliance
In the unlikely event GRS fails, we will cover the cost of the violations if we cannot resolve the issue.**
License Renewal Invoice Frequency
How often GRS invoices you as your Agent to renew your licenses with the states.
License holder renews directly with the states
6 - 8 times per year
when renewal notices are received by GRS from the state
1 per year
for all renewal fees for the next 12 month period.
* If your payment is received in a timely manner
**Licensing issue only. Does not cover law label violations